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Preparing you and your pets for holiday travels

How to Prepare For a Pet Sitter

Going out of town can be a nerve wrecking feeling, both for you and your animal. Trying to travel when you have a pet can create stressors, if not properly planned. In home sitting is the best option to reduce the amount of stress on your pet. Allowing them to remain at home they still possess a sense of security while their owner is away. Whether you choose to have someone you know watch your pet and house or decide to hire a reliable, professional pet care company, like Prairie Path Pet Care there are certain ways you can prepare yourself, your pet, and your sitter.

Know Your Pets Needs

It is important to know what your pets needs are and be able to relay them to your sitter. By knowing how much food your pet eats, medicine amounts, and specific breed needs you can help your sitter gather an understanding of who your pet is. Being aware of our pets personalities, quirks, and habits makes it easier, not only for our sitters, but for ourselves, as pet owners, to understand how to better handle interactions with our pets.

Neatly, List Those Needs and Leave Them For Your Sitter To Read

Make a list of all your pets needs including: feeding (amount, frequency), personality, training ques, health and anything else you think they would need to know. Make sure to leave all forms of contact information, vet numbers, as well as other reminders. Email these to your sitter or pet care provider in advance in case they have any questions. You should also leave a “hard copy” in your house for when they arrive. Make sure they easily find it.

Have the Necessary Items for Your Pet Easily Accessible

If there was a medical emergency, and your sitter couldn’t find the medicine for your pet, this could be a serious risk to the safety of their health. Make sure that along with your information about the pet, you place everything your sitter will need where they can easily locate it. This will eliminate any stress your sitter will have about finding the right items for the pet’s care. This should include a list of any type of allergies and past medical concerns which could reoccur.

Know Your Sitter

If you decide to hire a company to take care of your pet, make sure you put in the adequate research into learning about that company. Presently, the pet care business is booming and hiring a reputable, licensed, bonded and insured company allows you to have trust in the people caring for your pet. When choosing any of the Prairie Path Pet Care locations this includes live GPS tracked walks and real time updates on your pet. Your sitter will scan in, walk your pet, and scan out when they leave. The software allows walkers to submit a summary about their visit including your animal’s mood, appetite, whether or not they did their “business”, and any other information necessary.

This can be a stressful time or an easy experience for everyone, depending on the level of open communication between everyone. Should you decide to go the route of hiring a pet sitting company, make sure you address any question and issues with them, before they come to your house. You should make a list of these questions and ask them if they have any questions for you. Know when you continue to use a sitter daily or during traveling times they have now begin to know our dog and each traveling experience will become easier and easier.

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