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Benefits of Regular Walks and Daily Exercise for your Dog

Walking your dog daily is akin to exercise for yourself. The benefits are similar; regular walks for your dog keeps them responsive, helps regulate digestion, and keeps them limber so their joints do not become stiff and cramped.

Dogs can become overweight just as humans can if they do not get enough exercise. Dogs can develop behavior problems from don receiving the proper amount of exercise, this can lead to serious destruction to your home, other pets you have or the behavior of your dog around other dogs once they do get out for a walk. Dogs are taken care of by regular walks can seek attention from their owners and become overly dependent on their owners in an unhealthy way, they will constantly seek attention from their owners and this can become extremely annoying and bothersome to the pet owner. Dogs have natural instincts to explore and roam, they need regular activity that stimulates their nature and regular walks are their fulfillment and their sense of accomplishment. After a good walk a dog feels like they have set out what they were meant to do in life, explore, protect and roam. Here at Prairie Path Pet Care we consider dog walking an essential part of a traditional environment for our dog care. Schedule your appointment today!

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