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Things People Shouldn’t Do That Dogs Do

Whether you own a dog or not, this video is hilarious and really gets us thinking about what we tolerate pets doing, that we wouldn’t see fit to do ourselves. Being such a huge part of the pet world here, there are a few things from the video we find more tolerable than others.

Ding, dong (bark, bark, bark.) Tolerate or fix?

This one we can see more tolerable than most. Don’t get us wrong, it can happen at the worst of times. Just as your sitting there in the middle of suspense in a great movie and … BAM! The dog alarm begins. Other times, it’s nice to know they’ve got our back to let you know someone’s there. With training, you can keep letting your dog bark, but once you give the command to quiet down, they should listen.

The unwanted hugs …

Here at Prairie Path can tolerate a friendly four legged hug, but most don’t like it. Even if they LOVE pets as much as we do, these hugs can be a bit more powerful than you think. This we feel falls under the FIX NOW issue. You can still teach them the “Give Hugs” trick to show off at parties, but in everyday life it shouldn’t be.

Potty training (exhausting)

Can you imagine going into a restaurant and all you see are pads of yesterday’s newspaper and a drain?! It’s pretty disgusting, and training a dog to do it can be exhausting. It is a process with a very high reward for you and them at the end though, keep that in mind. This is one of the most popular questions we get when a client is in need. (There is a free bonus at the end of this if you need help with potty training.) If pad training is your thing, they make so many great inventions now to hide their potty spots and elimination odors.

A sniff of the butt is all it takes!

Well thankfully, we’ve been able to find better ways of communication than dogs have, but do you truly know why they do it? Dog language isn’t something learned overnight, but I’m sure you’ve been able to learn a thing or two with some trial and error. Dogs have a better, instant idea of what someone’s about with a quick sniff from the nose to the butt. Their nose sensitivity is anywhere between 10,000 to 100,000 times more sensitive than ours. It’s like “speaking with chemicals,” that’s how and why dogs find out about another dog’s diet, gender, and emotional state.

Where we’d love to touch base on all the things people shouldn’t do that dogs do, cause you’ve probably run into one or many of these yourself. We decided to create free tips and trick cheat sheets to training your dog within each and every month’s newsblast issue. Keep an eye out, your favorite topic could be next!

As we mentioned above … Here’s your bonus! You can now download your instant, FREE Puppy Potty Training schedule with tips and tricks from the Prairie Path Pet Training Pro’s themselves!

Have more questions or need help? We’re only a phone call away!

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