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Spring and love go hand in hand

Including your pets in the I “Do’s”. All of us have a special furry companion in our lives and many of us are lucky enough to have a special someone else in our lives too. You may have possibly got your pet together or you are joining two families. Now you are ready to take that next step with regards to your future. Don’t let your pet miss out on being a part of your happily ever after.

Before the I do’s, comes the proposal

Your pet is not only a pet, it is that extra love of your life that you want with you every step of the way, so why not with the proposal too? Jot some ideas down, and see what works best for you. Get real creative and have some fun with it. A few suggestions would be to get a card and tie it to their collar asking “Will You Marry Me” or, leave a trail of treats for them to walk together to the end finding you on one knee. The fact of the matter is, you know your pet best. Have fun with it, and them!

Announcing the engagement

Everyone, even non-pet owners love the idea of pets being in engagement photo’s, just keep in mind that pets can be unpredictable and need time to capture those perfect pictures. If you hire a photographer, be sure to give them a heads up so that they are aware of everyone included. There are numerous professional pet photographers out there who specifically know how to capture moments with them. Oh, and LOTS of extra treats, they will be helpful. Invitations are another great way to include your pet. Search for some wonderful sites that you can edit and design all your self for the perfect touch using your new photo’s.

Just before the big day

There is nothing like man or woman’s best friend being the flower girl, best man, ring bearer, or maid of honor! Your pet can have any role at your wedding. There are major points that you will need to cover. Be sure to check that the venue is pet friendly. If you plan on including your pet, do your homework and check out sites such as for a list of pet friendly attractions. Receptions can become pretty hectic, and maybe even scary for some pets. Do not assume that your drunk uncle or maid of honor will be taking care of Fido, hire a pet sitter! Even though you want to include them on your day, this is your day and will have forever to be together as one.

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