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5 Tips Make Nail Trims Easy

Take the stress of you and them

If there is one thing we couldn’t stand ourselves, it’s trimming a pet’s nails. You know it has to be done, they know it will be happening again. Hopefully these next few tips you from dreading nail trim time.

Breather Breaks …

You two have already began the processed stressed. You have your pet in your arms and each of your hearts are pounding. Thump thump, thump, thump.

Breathe, and take breaks. It could be after one foot or maybe even between each nail. Baby steps for each of you to feel comfortable and as relaxed as possible will in turn make each nail session easier in time.

Try different tools

You’ve got steel one’s with and without the guards, mini scissor style, human nail clippers and of course there’s the dremel. A dremel does vibrate, so it is best to train your pet to be comfortable with the noise. The younger the better, but it can be do-able for older pets. Patience is key if you’re noticing. The dremel can be great for a nice smooth finish to the nails and less clawing issues when they go to be held.

One is sometimes not enough

Grab a partner in crime when trimming time comes around. Learning proper holding techniques will also make things easier. Laying the pet down on its side with someone holding the body and the leg of the foot you’re working on. They should hold it just above the knee and close to its body. This help help keep most of the leg from moving around or keep them from pulling away. Again, clip as many as you can and take a break if needed.

Treats can be your’s and your pet’s best friend

What wouldn’t you do for a delicious, melt in your mouth brownie? We’d do everything you ever asked! For cats, catnip is a great option and help to mellow them out. You can give this to them before and during. Or you can try a tasty human treat for a dog. Just make sure not to break their diet. Pets like their figures too.

The number one tip of the day, is the power of touch

Any chance you get touch their feet. If your pet is one who hates their feet touched or their nails trimmed this is one of the best techniques to use. When they jump in your lap to cuddle and get their daily pet, start from their shoulders and slowly work your way down to their elbows to their feet. Stroke their legs, when they become more comfortable with that then you can go to their toes and pick the foot up to play with them. With any pet, try to teach them the word ‘easy.’ If they become anxious, slow down and say ‘easy,’ once they begin to relax and again begin slowly. Tell them “that’s a good easy” in a soft tone. Condition relaxation can begin to teach them when they’re being alert and easy. It will teach them what you want them and their body to do. When they are being active say “that’s alert, I need you to be easy.” Again soft tones.

Some suggestions may be good for some and not work for others. The idea is to form a level of communication and comfortability for everyone in the household.

Let us know which techniques work best for you and we’d love to hear if you have other ideas too!

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